Saturday, 23 June 2012

Ubiquitous Pants

Marriage Secrets

Bob has a habit that was rather cute the first few weeks of wedded bliss, but it has lost that status as time goes on ! Each night, when he changes into his pyjamas, he leaves his pants a few inches next to the wash, not in ! Now I have trained myself to not look at night, but when I get up in the first light of day, those said pants are staring right at me. Sometimes the underpants are artfully displayed in them as well...

I often wonder if I would have any members for a club called : Please put the dirty laundry in, not next, the basket ?

This talk of pants, reminds me of a funny but true " happening ". Good friends of mine back in S.A., who shall remain anonymous, drove over to my place so we could go for a walk. The wife and I started to walk while the husband stretched to warm up. Unbeknown to us, he discovered old underpants ( one hopes they are from the night before ) stuck in his pant-leg ! So, slightly embarrassed, but not alarmed, he discreetly took them out of his pants and hid them under the Wheel rim of his car as his wife had the car keys !

So, we all finished the walk and said Goodbye's. I waited until they had driven off and thus noticed that about a hundred meters down the road their car stopped, he jumped out and ran around his car and a bit up the road. Puzzled I watched but then he got back in and drove off. I wondered if it might be some marital dare and thought no more of it.

My friend phoned me later, hysterical with laughter, telling me about his underpants. Turns out, he forgot that he put them on the rim, until they were halfway down the hill. The funny thing is that he did not find his undies...They had floated off in the wind...