Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Workers

One of the good thing about Parents.

Now I am very very lucky because I have six parents. Mum, Mum-in-law, Step-Mum,Dad,Dad-in-Law and Step-dad. Can you believe it ? But the nicest thing for me is that I love and get along with all and they all get along with each other.

Right now they are all here at the same time and we have been partying up a storm. In our small village we have definitely increased its GDP..

For years most of my " parents " lived in different continents and I saw them maybe once a year. So I never understood how a lot of " kids " don't go and see the parents that live in the same town more often. But that is that.

Anyway I am having the best time, and so is Bob. Yesterday my Dad and Polly arrived and the Party is complete ! They have such an amazing sense of humour and enjoy live which is quite infectious. Polly jokingly told us to put my Dad to work at our house ( we still have oodles of stuff to do !!!). Upon which I "jokingly" replied that I had made a list and that work starts in the am...They knew I was playing the fool, but was I really ?

Harry has already done a lot of work since he is here including digging up most of the grass on the one side of our house, in order to make the proper Rain-drainage. How great is that. I helped just an hour or so, Bob helped for hours and I even saw Di lift the shovel for a while. A family affair.

There is something so comforting in knowing that our parents always look out for us !


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