Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Eating again...

Somehow it all revolves around food.

Eating diffrent foods on holidays was always my favorite and I hope that Di & Harry like it too. As Alberta is also here, we have been meeting up in the local Hotspots to have a bite or two and end up having a great time.

Yesterday we went to Bruni's . You get two types of eateries that are so typical to Burgenland. One is a Buschenschank, which only opens several weeks per year and the other is a Heuriger, which opens all year round. Bruni Kainz is the latter. It is amazing, because everything sold on the premises is homemade. Bruni is this spunky woman who owns and runs it buy herself seven days a week, all year round.

Bob and I like going there because her " Kuemmelbraten Brot " is legendary , plus she is this great local character. She smokes a lot and thus has a voice like Marlene Dietrich and Bob is in his element when he hears " Haaloo Bob, wie gehts ".

But what I love about going out to these places is the fact that one can always meet interesting local characters. While the others were enjoying their drinks, I got a chance to talk to Ferry. What an amazing man. Firstly he drives around the village in his Motorized Lawnmower. Yes, really. Maybe he had his driving licence revoked or didn't have one. But throughout our time here, even in the midst of winter we saw him cruising around the village on his Lawnmower.

As Ferry and I were talking he told me that he was 73 and still went everyday into the forest to cut up trees for firewood and proudly told me that it takes him 2 hours to do three cubic meters. Wow... His is fond of saying that all his friends who do nothing all day, are either always sick or no more !

Most days he is at Bruni's for lunch and yesterday as we were there he told me that he had forgotten to check his petrol and he had run dry. So Bruni had jumped in her car and driven to get him a canister. Just remember, that she runs her place on her own but she left it to help him out.

How wonderful is that...


The portions she serves are huge and I was amazed that Di finished hers.

Bruni and her Hungry patrons.