Monday, 25 June 2012

Burg Guessing

A bit of Sightseeing.

The time with Di and Harry here, is getting less and less and so we are trying to make sure that they have seen a lot of our area. We enjoy this, as it again gives us a chance to fall in love with our area!

Guessing is about 30kms from us and really a characteristic little town. Di and Harry were so enthralled with it and loved their Tour inside the Fortress. Bob and I had seen the inside a few times so we just sat outside under a wall recess soaking up the aura of the past. We are still wondering how they managed to get all those bricks up the steep hill while building it?

Seeing that life also worked before all the modern conveniences is rather soothing. Somehow this reminds me of the basic and also most important point: To just enjoy life, despite anything that we have or don't have....!

It was another hot day yesterday with the temperature reaching over 32 Degrees ( this really is the "Florida" of Austria ). So it was absolutely necessary to visit a street side Cafe and have Ice Cream. I had already spotted the place as we parked the car on arrival and that saved us the bother of wandering up and down the Mainstreet! So, whoever comes to visit us, make sure I am with you for the " drives " as my knowledge of Ice Cream Parlours is invaluable...