Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A Surprise in the Bedroom...

Treasure Hunt

When we bought our house, it came with all the old furnishings, including a stocked liquor cabinet ! Here in Burgenland or maybe just here in the smaller villages most houses for sale are still as the previous owner left it ( maybe it has to do with the cost involved when throwing any rubbish out ).

After the initial " Aagh " we actually realized that a lot could be recycled and save us money in the process. When we got to remove the Bed in the second bedroom ( did not keep it ! ) we found that a mound had formed under it. Immediately my mind went into overdrive recalling all the CSIs' I had watched on T.V. " Bob, if we find bones, I am not living here !!", " Don't be so dramatic, it is propably just a tree root." But I could see that secretly he was also worried.

Upon further hysteric reflection, I started to think along the line of a buried treasure chest filled with gold. Finally it was time to tackle the floor of that bedroom. It was nailbiting stuff and in true feminine style I refused to dig anywhere there, just in case a bone would pop up.

Bob tackled the digging manfully and we were both relieved, and just a tad bit disappointed when it turned out to just be an old tree root.

As we are having visitors, Bob and I have temporarily moved into that bedroom, and it turns out that I am having the best sleep there. Wonderful. Of course it could also be that I am now finally sleeping on the other side of our bed. Men are somehow so territorial about their side of any bed. I just don't buy the argument that they want to be closer to the window in case an intruder comes in....