Sunday, 3 June 2012

Little Things make me Happy.

A Chuckle a day keeps the Doctor away.

The other day my Mum came around to see how we were doing, and wanted to jokingly say: " I'll watch you like a hawk " but she mixed up her phrases and came out with " I'll watch you like a hake ".

Well, that made us laugh so much our sides hurt. Of course from that point on, we have only used the " Hake " version and it makes us chuckle every time !

Bob actually thinks Mum should patent it as we love using it all the time and are sure you will too. As the world is so connected, we can't wait to have a stranger use the " Hake " phrase...

This morning I asked my Mum if I could publish this and she told me to go ahead BUT not to post any pictures of her that she hasn't seen. ( Secretly she is worried that I would put a photo that shows her with one eye closed and mouth open etc.) As if I would dare, seeing she watches me like a hake !

Yesterday I met Helmut again on my morning walk. His beautiful Labrador recognized me and ran straight towards me. Helmut was on his bike, but quickly stopped for a chat. " I saw your parents and your sister at Pinter's last night and did they have a nice time ! "

" Oh, what time did they go home ? " and just like that I was partaking in village-gossip.

I know I shouldn't, but it is fun...and I only hear and say nice things about people.