Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Frequent customer mileage...

We are approaching our first year of living here in Burgenland and it has been eventful, busy, wonderful and certainly never boring. Who would have believed that we both live and love the lifestyle of our small village, Eisenberg ! I am pretty sure that a few people took bets on how quickly we would go back to S.A....

It is so nice now when friends and family come and visit us. Initially they just want to make sure we're fine and to see what we have done, but everyone likes it so I am sure they'll be back. We love the fact that everyone cares enough to visit us. Our " Dance card " is fuller than ever. Wow, who would have thought...

So we now do the tourist thing to entertain our friends. We have it down to a " T " showing off a list of places... some again & again!

One of my favourite places is Aloisia's ( an unexpectedly grand coffee shop in a small village ). On Saturday I drove the family there - and possibly mad - to sample the atmoshpere and delectables. Yummi !

I knew I had made an impact, when the waitress commented on how good I am for their business....and the owner brought an extra plate of mini-delectables for our table.

It is a hard life here in Burgenland but I always step up to the plate !

Can't wait for the next " tourist " to arrive.


Who's coming next?