Thursday, 14 June 2012


Too public ?

Someone in the family had a " Round " Birthday yesterday and it reminded me of the times we drive through the village and see strange looking banners displayed on various fences. Well, not so much strange but funny.

You see, it is always big white bedclothes painted with colorful letters and numbers, advertising the owners " Round " Birthday. So if it is one of your more memorable birthdays ( 30/40/50/60...) your friends will secretly, display this banner on your fence. Often they dress a dummy in your clothes too.

It will stay up for a few days and it is an open invitation for everyone to come and have cake, coffee or maybe something alcoholic. Of course it is fabulous to be thought of when you are say 30 or possible 40, but I will try and " hide " any record of my age in order to be spared this public reminder of time passing, when it gets to 50 or above....

As women ( or maybe just me ), we spend a lot of time hoping to fool most people with our chronological age using tinctures, creams & other outrageous methods. So it just dawned on me that here in Eisenberg my age won't be the secret that I was hoping it would be !

Quite liberating, because now I can omit the " outrageous methods " from my life and just get on with it.....

Ps, by " outrageous methods " I mean denying myself sweets & treats, not anything involving surgery...though I will definitely keep using all my creams!