Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Wine Tasting ..

Di has her first taste of Burgenland wine...and likes it !

In true South-African fashion we had a " Braai " (B.B.Q.) yesterday afternoon at my parents. There is just something so comforting when you walk to the braai-area and see the usual assortment of Goodies : Boerewors, Steak, Salads and Chutney.

Albert, Alberta and my mum have made their own version of a Boerewors, as unfortunately you can't get any here. So after loads of driving around to source the ingredients, they made this version. Let me tell you, it tasted so good. Bob grilled it to perfection. Everyone loved it and favourable comparisons were made to the S.A. version.

Now, those of you who know Di, will enjoy this bit: Di does not like the taste of alcohol and therefore never imbibes but she bravely volunteered to try one of my mum's wines. In the beginning it was, I think, just to be polite but it turned out that Di liked the taste of mum's wine. By the time I had returned from the kitchen, a second glass was had !!!

So all was jolly and as I glanced around the table I saw a bowl of cherry's soaked with Schnapps. Bob nerveously whispered that his mum had eaten a few while Harry had a twinkle in his eye wondering what would happen later. So when it came to eat everyone went to dish up their plate. That is to say, some people had a few extra sways in their walk....

The giggles were plentyful and we really had a super, memorable and fun evening.

We just love having eveyone here and this simple live is perfect.


A family affair.

Di and my Mum