Monday, 4 June 2012

Cacophony of Eisenberg

Sunday Morning

As we now have visitors, I decided to go for my walk early. So at 5.30am I got to the top of the wineberg with a view to kill. The mist was rising over Deutsch-Schuetzen and all I could see was the Church Tower and some rooftops. Absolutely divine ! Peace and quiet interrupted with sounds usual to here but strange for the cities'.

The Rooster was calling his ladies', the Cuckoo was cuckooing, the blackbirds just chirping and to top it off, the churchbells were ringing. It was such a wonderful combination. A great morning.

It was Harry & Di's first morning here, so we went to Kainz to get fresh breadrolls. They are the only ones open on a Sunday, so it is another hotspot for meeting the Locals. Needless to say, Harry & Di were shaking hands endlessly !

For them it was exciting to put face to name, as we had only been describing people via skype. Some descriptions must have been apt because they actually recognized a few people.

After breakfast we took a leisurly drive around our area to show them our little treasures. I think they liked it. In fact when we stopped at Aloisia's - the most wonderful coffee shop in a really small village - I knew they like our neck of the woods. The " oohs'and aahs' " were plentiful and not a crumb was left on the plates...

The Good Life of Burgenland.

The three "T's"

The choosing of the cakes took forever !

But they were eaten quickly...