Monday, 11 June 2012


Childhood Memories

The other morning I was walking my usual route and passed by the " Grass cutting crew " . As they used the big tractors to cut all the verges, the smell of cut grass lingered everywhere. Just being hit by that smell took me instantly back to my childhood. It was such a positive onslought to my senses that I could almost see myself as a child playing in the field.

How easy life was then. The main objective was to have fun which I somehow discarded as I grew up. Spending time with my Dad has been invaluable and great, because he embraces life and has fun living it. Something that I am trying to learn again !

It was raining most of Saturday night and into Sunday morning. I was sleeping nicely until I heard the most terryfing racket outside, next to our window. Cats fighting ....Of course, Bob woke up and we both stressed about what we should do. Bob somehow seemed to think that I should go outside and check it out. Yeah if!

It carried on for sometime, but we dozed off again until the morning, when we went outside to investigate. We were expecting a blood massacre but found nothing. So it seems that our Tigger must have had a romantic session. I just wish that next time it will be held somewhere else, because it does not sound to good....

As the saying goes....Get a room !