Sunday, 10 June 2012

What a beautiful Province

Road Trip

Isnt' it funny how we only explore our surroundings when we have visitors ? Being a " Tourguide " allows you to go to places that you normally would not go to.

So yesterday we drove to Rust, in a convoy of two cars. That alone is mentionable, because we did a game of " Tag " when the other car took the wrong exit from a circle- twice...I was in the backseat with my Dad driving and it reverted me back to my childhood and trips we had taken !

But what an interesting and beautiful place. It most likely has not changed much for hundreds of years. Of course they preserve it for the tourists but I could still imagine that, and how people lived there so many years ago. Naturally, we were the perfect tourists, snapping lots of pictures.

Now that all my parents know about my blog, they panic everytime something stupid happens, just in case I mention it in my blog. As if I would dare !!!

Of course the spousal interaction while driving is invaluable, especially where the reading of Maps is involved. My Dad is a master at cloaking any potentially hazardous situation. When he took the wrong turn in Rust, he just said " Look you can now see the other side of the street " . I realized , sitting quietly in the backseat, that we, couples, all do the same thing when driving...therefore I am not unique ! GPS instruments ( Garmin nĂ¼vi 3700 Series ) are almost a requirement if we want to keep having a continued " Happy " relationship with our men...I know that I will get one for our car...

I can't wait to get more visitors because it will give me another reason to see Rust. Oh and I forgot to mention that it is also a major wine producing area. Those excursions will be fun...


Isn't Rust Picturesque ?

Doesn't that make you hungry ?