Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Green Nectar

Pumpkin Seed Oil - what a treat.

When you come here on holiday you will see a strange but beautiful sight. Fields of Orange. Huge Pumpkins as far as the eye can see. A lot of the local farmers grow them to make Pumpkin Seed oil.

Before coming to Burgenland, or rather Eisenberg, I never even knew that Pumpkin Seed Oil existed. Strangely enough it has the most wonderful green colour once processed. But the taste is just so different from what I imagined, nutty and smooth.

The local Buschenschanks serve it mostly on their salads, or you can dip fresh bread into a bowl mixed with garlic and it even tastes great on your morning Muesli.

Legend has it that it is good for Men and also increases

I recently told this local legend to one half of a couple and she sort of begged me not to tell her husband !!!

Last year family came to visit and took home a bottle of Pumpkin Seed oil because they liked the taste of it. Knowing this, I asked them if I could bring a bottle or two when we visit them this year. But the wife actually was rather hesitant and evaded the question outright. The husband then went to look in the larder and told us that they still had most of the bottle. " Oh, I just wanted to savour & save it, as we can't get it here ", came the wifes' reply...

Obviously the husband had not hear of the Legend, and could it possibly be true ???

Eisenberg is definitely the place to be.