Sunday, 15 July 2012

Saturday Afternoon..

Little trip to Feldbach

My parents phoned at lunch time to ask if we would like to go with to a " Schinken Fest " ( Ham Feast ). They had seen the Ad in the paper and liked the sound of it. When I checked with Bob his eyes immeadeatly sparkled and his posture straightened up in eagerness....Well what can I say, Bob likes meat.

So off we went. The drive was rather longer than we thought ( 90mins ) but worth it. As I still don't drink, I knew that I was the chauffeur homeward and tried furiously to remember the way. For those of you who know our area, it will come as no surprise that a Schinken Fest will also have lots of Wine, Schnapps & Beer.

It was such a pleasant surprise getting there and seeing how much effort and care was put into the event. As we walked into the hall, there were tasting stations with the local farmers offering freshly sliced pieces of ham. In fact they were almost forcing it onto us. Bob did not know whether to laugh or cry-he was in ham-heaven. I suspect that next year he will take different T-Shirts with him, so that he can do the entrance over and over.....!

One eager farmer called me back to ask me where my accent was from and almost hand-feeding me another piece of ham. As he was rather dishy, Bob suddenly left his ham-station and was glued to my side muttering something unpleasant about the man. I was secretly pleased as punch for two reasons: Bob still loves me enough to forgo his ham.... and it showed me that I was not over the hill yet ( Women will understand this ).

Unfortunately I later saw that same Man, lets call him rather a Lothario, chatting up all and sundry. Which possible means that I am much closer to the summit of my hill than I realized !!!!!


My Bob...

Bob is really keen to get Lederhosen.