Saturday, 14 July 2012

Very Fertile Land.

Kaleidoscope of Colors in the Fields.

Our area is mainly a wine producing one, but there are plenty of fields worked and planted. Most of the local farmers do both. Wine and agriculture - definitely a hard working bunch considering that the majority are just a Husband & Wife team, with the lucky few having their son's working with them. Their workday starts at sunrise and ends at sunset!

It was misty this morning and the sun was cloaked in a white see-through veil making everything appear more rural & romantic. I get such joy walking past the different fields. On one stretch of my walk there must be twenty fields back-to-back. There is always a field in full bloom, one being harvested, one turned and another being planted. The sheer color scheme of it all is overwhelmingly magical! How wonderful that they don't plant the same crop next to each other. Makes it so pleasing to the eye.

What I find funny though is that, in most of the fields there are weeds intermingled with crops along the edge of the path. How do they only get there and why are they mostly double in size to the crop? No wonder that I constantly have to pull weeds out of our garden...


Doesn't that look romantic ?

Fields of ...

My personal favourite. Reminds me of an old painting.