Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Denmark after Sunrise.

Early morning walks, the world over!

This is my third morning here in Denmark, and even here, I wake up at 4.45am. It doesn't matter what time I go to bed. Brett and Family have this lovely nearly grown Puppy, called Sally. She is a gorgeous black Labrador and already waits outside our bedroom for our early morning excursions. As this is her neck of the woods, she more or less is in charge of directions!!! ( I sometimes wonder if breadcrumbs would be helpful to find my way back again ).

Denmark has got such magic countrysides, that it soothes the soul. Just walking alongside the wheat fields with the early morning fog rising from them is special. Sally often stopped to smell a message from the verge and at first it was annoying to always stop until I realized that I got a chance to take in the view...

In Denmark, when your dog does it's business while going for a constitutional walk, you have to pick up the offering and throw it away at home. Dear Sally did not disappoint me. She made sure that I would experience that little " treat "! Of course I was suitably equipped with small plastic bags. Luckily for me, she only did this halfway into our walk, as it is not so pleasant walking with a swinging " Poo " bag and its aromas...

I do miss my Burgenland, though!