Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sally, what a Dog !

Doesn't this warm the cockles of your heart ?

My sister-in-law Signe, told me this story. Just to set your mind at rest, she lives in the country side of Denmark and it is very safe there.

Last Sunday, Signe, Di ( ..year old mother-in-law ), Josephine ( her 9yr old daughter ) and Samuel ( her 5yr old son ) took Sally (9 month old Lab ) for a walk. So off they set, walking or maybe rather ambling along because of the little ones. Now their neck of the woods is more flat than hilly, thus walking is a little bit easier. But not for some!

Josephine, being more sedately dispositioned, did the usual not far into the walk. " I am tired.... ", to which Signe replied " Well, you know how to get back home. We will see you when we get back." So, Josephine delightedly went back home ( Skylanders waiting ? ).

About 10min later the next one starts ( No, not Di ), " Mummy, I don't want to walk ". So as they were next to a farmhouse, Signe told him " Samuel, just wait here for us, we will be back in just a few minutes. " So Samuel happily sat down and rested.

Signe and Di carried on walking and chatting, while Sally was off the leash. At some stage Signe realized that Sally had disappeared. Wondering if she was in hot pursuit of a rabbit or some such, they turned around to look for her. As they got within sight of where Samuel was waiting, they saw that Sally was sitting right next to him ! Wow, Sally had on her own accord returned to sit with Samuel, even forgoing the delicious smells and attractions of the country side...!

Wow, that just warms my heart. This beautiful dog who is still a " small child " herself, dropped everything to look out for her Samuel. Don't forget that kids sometimes play too rough with dogs, but she has forgiven each additional pull on her tail...

They say that dogs take after their owner, and they are right !


Isn't she adorable...