Monday, 9 July 2012

Nature's Draw !

Different Form of Entertainment

Every morning at about five in the Summer and about six in the winter, I go for a 7km walk. As I am a creature of habit, it is always the same walk and I somehow measure my progress by how much I puff up the hill.

Of course the scenery is just breathtaking, especially when the sun just lifts its head on the horizon. All seasons are beautiful but I think summer is special. Nature has such a grounding and soothing effect. Problems seem to lessen when I go for my walk. Living in a big city can get hectic and we often forget to go back to or through nature.

As I walk the same route, it is so fascinating to see the different fruits go through their life cycle. Right now the grapes have grown to the size of raisins but are still very green. Most mornings I see the farmers working in their vineyards and it is always great to exchange a " Hello ". The apples on the various trees are showing themselves abundantly and the pears are developing their drooping form. In a few weeks time I can have snacks along the way...

The wild flowers are fabulous. Luscious purple mixed with pristine white all in a bed of green with the odd bit of yellow. Amongst all this splendor there often hops a big rabbit or even a deer or two.

Life here in Burgenland is magical!