Monday, 16 July 2012

Polish Food and Dance.


When we were at the Schinken Fest yesterday, we sat inside one of the tented eating areas and ordered a few different ham platters. They were laden with the different hams and breads. So we sat, rather towards the end of the tent, and ate while doing the usual people watching.

A few feet from us was another " Food " station. The ladies serving there had a traditional dress on and they had lots of foot traffic. As everyone there helped themselve to the different offerings, I assumed it was priced by weight. Until the lady sitting next to me said, " I have been watching the people and I think that food is for free. Look at that one lady in the checked shirt, she has been going back four times without paying ! "

Turns out she was right. Even though we had finished all the platters, Bob and I went to scout out the " Free " station. Wow, the food there was super. As we helped our selves to some more delectables, one of the ladies told us that this was authentic Polish fare. Her town in Poland was a " sister " town to Feldbach. Every year they have a table showcasing their food. If I can only say, it was extremely tasty and delicious. Bob and I went several times for refills !

There were a few teens sitting near us dressed in traditional clothing belonging to the polish delegation. When they got up to fetch their musical instruments and set up to perform, I wondered how long we'd have to stay. But then the trio started off with their songs. It was unbelievable how great and fabulous they sang. They performed song after song, that had the whole audience tapping their feet and humming along. I even wished that a TV talent judge could have been there to hear them...

Never judge a book by its cover !


Happy Eaters...

They sang incredibly