Friday, 6 July 2012

Return Trip to Burgenland

What a journey!

I thought that Europe, compared to South-Africa, is rather small in size. Boy was I wrong... we drove back from Denmark yesterday, and we just drove & drove & drove! Actually we crossed three different countries and it took us 17 hours.

But what made it all worthwhile ( apart from seeing our family ), was the stunning scenery. Just starting off in Denmark. My eyes were darting constantly from side to side trying to take it all in. Germany, which we saw from top to bottom, has beauty everywhere. And don't let me get started about my Austria!!!!

This move to Austria has had so many wonderful new experiences for us. We are now closer to Brett and family ( okay, it is a bit of a drive ) and we have already driven and seen two other countries and we have driven on European Highways.

Actually Bob has done the driving and yours truly the navigating. Might I say that I actually did it well, as we did not get lost and had no animated discussions about left or right turns. Yes, we are about the only ones on this planet who Do Not use a GPS direction system. What is the big deal? Reading a map for directions is easy, keeps you awake and gives you the greatest feeling of achievement. Of course only if you get to the right destination...

And a wife can take liberties about the language used, that a GPS would not dare...!