Friday, 27 July 2012

Really Guys, we are on to you !

Doing the rounds...

Bob has been helping my folks out with the cutting the lawn at their Kellerstoeckl. In the beginning he had to drive into the village to get the trailer with the lawn mowing equipment and vice versa on completion. Since last month he got sole " keepership" of the trailer and lawn mower. He is now extremely organized and conscientious. Giving responsibilty actually works well.

Yesterday afternoon was mowing day and as I was at a loose end, I decided to go with him.
Off we go, driving along the back roads which are also a cyclists paradise. About halfway in, there were two young ladies ahead of us. They were on their bicycles and as it was a hot day, clad in slightly wanting clothes ! ( The men will know what I mean )

Bob skillfully negotiated the drive past and around them but then did the age-old male thing...he checked them out in the rear view mirrow ! Does he think I am blind and that I would not notice ? To top it off, he nearly drove into the ditch being too busy looking!
" Bob stop looking and watch the road " maybe not the most tactful marital sentence, but his took the cake.
" I am not looking at them. Just checking that I passed them properly." Mind you the next bit really was priceless : " Anyway they're too young and not my type ! "

Too scared to look up in case I saw pigs fly, I just hankered down and hurrumpfed.
Do the men seriously think that we women are not on to them ?
The well used phrase of ' she is not my type / you are much more pretty ' ( which men use for code of ' she is smoking / why can't mine look like that ' ) are just so silly, predictable and actually laughable...Et tu, Bob ?