Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Now I know I am not thirty anymore !!!

This morning someone posted a funny message on Facebook about how the people born in the 60's and 70's enjoyed life before & without computers! Fortunately or unfortunately I fall into this category ( I even did my end-of-school exam without calculators ). It made me think and also realize that our generation is getting to the stage, that always irritated us about our parents. Who remembers : " When I was young, I had to walk 10 km barefoot to school " or the classic " We went to the cinema/movies/bi-scope and bought sweets for just 10cents/shilling/bobs "...!

Every morning I sit here and write this blog with my desk facing the open window. There is always a crowd cheering or tweeting me on. Yes, there are lots of birds outside. I am not sure if their early morning bickering and conversations wakes me up, but it is always there as background music.

It is almost as if they perform a musical for me. They dive-bomb each other at full speed and sound, or they sit on the roof together catching up on the days news. One did a hovering stunt, flapping his wings at supersonic speed. Just now another one cheekily sat on my windowsill looking at me and reminding me to continue watching their playtime! A few frolic a little bit to much with each other almost prompting me to say " Hey guys, it's not a spectator sport...get a tree! "

The names of the different types of birds are still foreign to me. Which gladdens my heart as it means I am not at that age yet. Also, I have not ( yet ) bought a ornithology book nor binoculars....

But I am definitely not thirty anymore, because it takes a few decades before you notice bird life ! ( obviously for men it is different )