Thursday, 26 July 2012

" Rigged "

The Big B

There was a survey on a CNN show, asking why with such high unemployment there are still
200 000 Trucker jobs not filled ? Quite frankly, I would not mind doing it.

It would be cool learning how to handle such a big Rig. Can you imagine driving a vehicle with more than four tyres ? Groovy...
But what I would really like to learn is Tractor driving. Before moving here, it was not an issue, but now you can see tractors everywhere and it is so enticing.

The skill with which these drivers zoot around is jaw-droppingly amazing. These machines are really quite cumbersome and big, yet they sit in their cabs and wield the tractors with sometimes even just one hand ( Often I see them on their cellphone - not sure if it's legal to answer the cell ). At times I imagine driving one of these tractors across the fields doing what needs to be done ! Pipe dreams, as I can not even reverse our car with a trailer attached to it. That feat definitely looks easier than it is. Our next visitor will have to teach me ( a little birdy told me he used to drive a fork lift..close enough ).

Driving a tractor in the country side looks easy, which is just as well. A few villagers use their tractors as ordinary vehicles around the village to do errands. Rather convenient for them, but still...

My personal favourite are some of the older ladies in our village. They were raised here and could drive a tractor before they even went to school. So they drive their tractor to the local grocery shop. Yes, they go shopping with the tractor ! If we pass them on the road we do the Nod ! But when we drive behind them sometimes, we can see into the little basket on the back. This takes checking out what the neighbours bought to a new level ! How cool is that ?

Should I ever become a tractor or truck driver my call sign will be " The Big B ".