Monday, 30 July 2012

Chicken Whisperer !

Sunday afternoons have surprising events...

Late Sunday afternoon the most horrendous looking clouds, or rather sky, gathered over us. Bob and I had never seen anything like it. Somehow it looked just like a scene from " Independence Day ". We battened down the Hatches, closing all and any window, unplugging TV and computer and sat down to watch the spectacle. But nature was kind and it was just a normal little storm in the end.

Relieved I went to the front bedroom to look out when I spotted our new neighbour wandering the grass verge across from us.
" Bob, quickly have a look at Werner's Chicken. " Having a look, Bob instantly swung into action.
" Come with me and help me herd it back home. "
Are chickens " herd-able ", I wondered but gave him the benefit of the doubt and followed him outside.

Turns out I need not have bothered, as Bob was next to the very tame chicken and talking to it. I sprinted inside for the camera and just arrived in time to see Bob walking and leading the chicken back to its abode. She even stood obediently while Bob opened the gate and like a good girl toddled off inside. That was the cutest thing I had seen in a long time.
My husband was extremely chuffed that he got her home without any grabbing, running or lost feathers !

As a lot of chickens here look the same, let's hope that it was one of Werner's lot, otherwise there will be extremely happy Rooster next door.


Quite something

Isn't this precious ?