Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Signs of Intelligence ?

Reading is good for you !

The other day I read an interesting article on the Huffington Post. I have started to scour this online Newspaper daily and sometimes come across real Gems. Of course a few articles are anything but.

This heading literally jumped at me. " Smart Women read Romance Novels " ! Yes, wow, how liberating. Reading is one of my favourite pleasures and my tastes ranges across the board, but I do often lean a lot towards Romances. As some of my friends know, I even have the ones that they would not really read in public ( or at all ? ). Such as Georgette Heyer, Jilly Cooper and maybe an odd Mills&Boons.

I have always read them, but I must admit that more often than not I did not brag about a few of those reads. Mainly because a lot of women frown upon them. Although reading this article made me wonder if they maybe read them in private !

There is something so comforting about reading a romance novel. The outcome is always certain and the inbetween is fun. They should maybe do a study about this and more women would read romances in public. Mills&Boon are possible the most sold books in the world and I wonder how many women have them hidden about their homes...

Well even though some of these books can get graphic and steamy in their " bedroom scenes " descriptions, we women don't go as far as the men. I have heard about the urban myth that men hide their Playboy /Scope /Hustler behind the covers of a Economist /Times /Spiderman....Could this myth be true ? Let me know.