Friday, 20 July 2012

Is something afoot ?

Tigger, was that you ?

Yesterday evening after having already showered and changed into my comfy jama's , I ventured outside to lock the gate. There was the odd time when we both forgot, so I try to do it when I think of it. So as we are the last house on our street, I did not think anyone would see me.

But as I was locking the chain, I saw Werner's car parked outside his workplace ( where the chickens are kept ) and suddenly another car screamed to a halt, parking rakishly. Intrigued I kept watching yet slouching behind the gate. It was Werner's son-in-law and his daughter. Werner had told me that his son-in-law was a cop in Vienna and I could see by the style of driving that it was him. Policemen all over the world have a distinct and exciting way of handling a car !

We fleetingly waved a greeting to each other but then they all went inside the chickens' playground. As I kept watching, they all looked around as if searching for something or someone. The chickens maybe ?

Oh, now I was worried that our Tigger had wanted something more to eat than the paltry, yet poultry flavoured pellets we give her. Could she have done the unthinkable ? As I was state of dress not conducive for chatting, I could not ask them what had happened. Today I will face that task. Hopefully the cute chickens are all accounted for. But if not, Bob and I will have to sit Tigger down and give her a lecture....

" Parenthood is not for the faint hearted ! "


Does this look like a chicken thief ?