Monday, 23 July 2012

Inflation of Sorts...

Only for the really young !

Someone told me about the new price set for the Tooth Fairy. Can you believe it, the front tooth already commands $ 10. The back Molars are very cheap at about a dollar each. Could this be a symptom of price and demand. We only have two big front tooth after all. Or is it to discourage industrious little ones pulling most of their teeth on purpose ?

Gosh, sadly I must admit, that I can not remember if the Tooth Fairy came to my house and how much my teeth commanded.
But I do remember what happened when some of my teeth were loose. All we needed then was a door handle, thread, a parent with nerves of steel and a " novice " me ( surely this could only be done once, for the surprise effect ). As I write this, I remember standing on the other side of this door with thread around a loose tooth. Promises of hard currency must have helped my participation. Possibly only a few Pfennings, but enough to buy a packet of sweets to speed along the next tooth demise !

It is funny, looking back now, my parents must have had a tough yet hilarious time bringing us up. Were they issued a manual about how to deal with loosing the milk teeth or did they pick up advice at various sources ? Parents, friends, books or pure inspiration ? Were we kids happy with whatever appeared under our pillow or did we command a set price ? The mind boggles.

One thing I do recall clearly is school-report card times. When I realized that money was given for various marks ( obviously not bad ones ) I did the rounds of all my family and most likely pocketed a fair deal...hopefully not out of pity !