Saturday, 28 July 2012

Finally the Olympic Games have arrived !

Wow, what a ceremony

We both tried valiantly to stay awake in anticipation of the opening Ceremony. Here it was only broadcast at 10 pm. Somehow with a few nudges and " Wake-up's " we made it.
It took a bit of time to understand what they were portraying, but once I got the gist of it, it was great. Just awesome, all the co-ordination, costumes and timing !

Of course my favourite was the " James Bond " incident.... watching the news this morning, I realized that I must have dozed of a few times, as I did not see David Beckham nor Paul McCartney. Bummer.
Was this theatrical performance maybe a sign of us shifting back to gentler times ? In a way, I thought that there would be some " disco-esque " ( yes, showing my age ) type of performance, with maybe something " computer-esque " thrown in for good measure. But this was really pleasing to the eye and also thought provoking.

It will be an exciting 2 weeks of sports. Of course some of the TV networks, who can't show the Olympics, will put on programmes that will tempt us to no end into switching the channel !
Oh and I am sure that there will be many " temporary " resolutions to get fit...