Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pounding the Pavements.

Sightseeing a different way.

Like any new start at work or business, we are putting a lot of effort into trying to find the best way to reach prospective clients. Through trial and error we found that handing out flyers is having good results.

Most mornings Bob and I get geared up to do the rounds in the different villages in the area. By geared up I mean lots of sunscreen, comfortable shoes, cap and a good attitude !

Most villages in Burgenland, are built along the roads. Very scenic but also deceptive as you don't realize how big they actually are. Handing out our flyers is the best way to explore the villages. When I started walking around the various villages, I got to see that they have lots of houses and farms unseen from the main road.
Often I stop and take in the beauty of a lot of these properties and its gardens. Especially in summer, the green lawns contrasted with reds and pinks of the various roses and maybe a few fruit trees, are a gem to behold.

The odd time it can be a bit scary, like yesterday. As I was putting the flyer through the postbox flap, a white Doberman launched himself of his spot in the shade and loudly barking flew at the fence to do his bit of work. Normally dogs don't phase me, but as the fence was only waist high and his paws were on the top of it already, I decided to beat a rather hasty retreat ! A couple of men in the garden next door must have had a good chuckle....