Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Elusive Mushrooms...

Early morning excursion !

Yesterday morning, just before six, as I was finishing of my blog, the phone rang. " Morning Biggi, come lets go and pick mushrooms. " It was my mum and we organized to meet at their house in twenty minutes. A tall order, as I still had to wake Bob, my darling husband / proof reader of my blog / light of my life and early morning grouch ! But cunningly I bribed him with a nice cup of coffee and we made it just in time.

So at 6.25am the four of us set off from my parents house. Albert as always had made my mum a cup of coffee. She sat drinking it in the backseat from a big lovely white porcelain cup. My mum does not like to spend money needlessly and thus had bypassed the whole drinking coffee out of those big ugly thermos containers, while driving. I must say it actually looks quiet cool and might set a trend. I have often met them on my morning walks ( when they're off to the vineyards ) with my mum sitting in the passenger seat drinking out of the white cup. Naturally I can imagine that when they have the odd disagreement, the brakes would be applied rather more sharply than usual...

We normally go to the same spot in the local forest to pick mushrooms. But due to instructions from the backseat, we took a different path... Well that little decision insured that we drove through,around and in the forest for an extra 20 minutes. Somehow any road in there looks like the next! But after some muttering and also some positive " at least we're sightseeing ", we arrived at our usual spot.

Suitably equipped with a bag and knife ( for cutting the mushroom stalk ) we each set off eagle eyed, in different directions. But alas, no mushrooms. Collectively we found none, not even a poisonous one! So we abandoned the idea after 20 minutes and set off for a leisurely but definitely quicker drive home to have a nice family breakfast.


Where to go...

Slightly disappointed !