Sunday, 22 July 2012

Day Two of the Mouse Story !

Fun and Games at our house...

So, all of yesterday we were busy organizing and executing our Mouse Hunt. How hard can it be ? Well you should try it, it is harder than it seems.

The cheese we put into the trap was definitely a higher grade one ( in fact my aunt coincidentally sent us a care packet of proper cheeses ), but obviously not up to scratch for our little rodent. Oh well, she has standards. All day long Bob and I kept checking up whether she had eaten it, to no avail. It is a little weird knowing that some little thing keeps buzzing around while you are sitting or just walking. Suddenly my gait is more precise in case I step on it or it attacks me !

Having gotten several " sightings " of her throughout the day, we went to a late lunch with my parents. My uncle was visiting and gave us more options for capture. But my mum just said,
" That piece of cheese is to big. Use some bacon because they like that more. "
" How do you know how big the piece is? " Laughingly she replied " I read your blog ".
As she cut us ( knowingly and with a smile ) five little pieces for five tries. How could she have known ???

When at home again, we set about Mouse-proofing our kitchen and Bob also set another trap, this time with delicious bacon. A little bickering ensued about where to place it but we eventually left it under the kitchen counter.

This morning I stepped very carefully from the bed onto the floor and then into the kitchen. Can you believe it, the little Bugger has eaten the bacon out of the trap. Must have thought we are feeding it delectables !. As I was inspecting this, I heard a noise behind me and lo and behold there she was running out from behind the fridge. As it was too early for me to to athletic stuff, I will let Bob do the catching later on.

Bottom line is that we have an intelligent mouse with good taste. Let's hope she does not send out invites to her mates....