Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Clean Air.

Everyone makes a difference !

Reading the Huffington Post last night, I stumbled upon an interesting article. Okay, it did help that a famous person wrote it and most likely I would have skimmed over it otherwise
( only being honest ). How often can you read an article written by an Icon...Paul McCartney, Beatle !!!

Of course he is only the " cover " of the book, but reading the content is rather alarming ( to do with global warming ). Often we think that our contribution to look after the enviroment won't make a difference. I rather think that if we all do just a small bit each day, it would have an immense positive outcome.

Our area here has been declared an enviromental zone. A lot of new ways to green the area are being implemented here. For a small example, we have to separate the rubbish into 4 components, which ( suprisingly ) posted a challenge for me in the begining. Plastics, Paper, Raw Food leftovers and Rest ( everything you can't place in any other bin ) rubbish. You won't believe how full the plastics gets. All the different bins are only picked up once a month ! I must say, sometimes the rest rubbish does pong a tad... Garden refuse is collected at a predefined place, and tree cuttings at another. The villages also produces some of their own heat for the winter ( not quite sure how that works, but it does ).

All this is so worth it, when you can actually smell the air - flowers, fruit trees, lavender, cut grass and endless other aromas. And it makes me feel so good doing something that makes a difference even so it would be easier just to toss everything into one bin...Try it at home !