Thursday, 19 July 2012


Cats and Chickens !

We were so chuffed with the way Tigger ( our feral cat ) was getting used to us and the mealtimes we set. Yes we tried to be strict parents ( watching so many " Supernanny " programs helped...). As you know, we even set our social calender around those early mealtimes.

But somehow, when all our guests arrived, we got out of our strict mealtime schedule. Somedays it would be an hour earlier or an hour later. That must have really confused Tigger and just like that our well cultivated schedule flew out the window ! For us as well as Tigger. There were times that we almost forgot to put out his bowl. Almost but not quite...

Now that all our visitors have left, we have tried to get him back on schedule. Mostly so that we can see him. Feral Cats aren't that social. But alas, she is extremely elusive, yet her bowl gets licked clean. Bob wonders if it is the Marten that he sees occasionally in our yard.

I wonder if the new addition to the neighbourhood ( check out the ' Waking up all his Ladies ' blog ) have not got a bigger lure and attraction for our little " teenager ". How can Tigger ignore the constant cackle of the chickens next door? Werner did put a big mesh around, but cats can get crafty.

Not sure what I would do if suddenly a lot of chicken feathers are outside our door ! Rats and mice are alright, but not those cute chickens from Werner...