Friday, 13 July 2012

Waking up all his Ladies...

The New Noisy Neighbours.

Werner lives just three houses down from us and he used to be here only on weekends and holidays. But he retired this year and now lives here full time. We could not wish for a nicer neighbour. Last year, when we were new to all the customs and pitfalls he always stopped by to help. Personally I feel safer here, knowing he also was a policeman.

Now, Werner has a little plot across the road from us, where he stores his tools, tractor and all the odds and ends of a busy workman. Three weeks ago, he proudly told me, " Biggi, I got myself chickens "....

So now our country-living has got a new chapter ! Sporadically through out the day the " love " call gets sounded by the " chief " new neighbour....the rooster! He must have a tough day, as he starts rather early !! Is that to wake up his girls' and call them to duty or is it just to make sure I am awake ? Today he was a bit later than usual...5.15am.

I am hoping that he wakes everyone up with the sunrise ( Unless he has a little alarm clock stashed away!). So winter mornings will give me more leniency, hopefully. Now that I am used to him and the ladies, they almost fade into the background. Actually I rather enjoy having them as neighbours and at least they don't play loud music!!!

Does anyone know why a rooster crows so often during the day? Is it some kind of " manly " thing, ie a pre-warning to the ladies ?? If so, it is no wonder that they make themselves scarce during the day....


Are they trying to escape ?