Sunday, 29 July 2012

Artists exhibition on Eberau Square.

What a wonderful Saturday afternoon.

Bob and I have been walking around the different villages, handing out our business flyers. That's how we got to talking to one of the artists from Eberau and she invited us to come along to the exhibition. We were chuffed.

Yesterday afternoon, together with my parents we set out and drove there. Eberau has this great village square ( I know because my favourite ice Cream/Coffee Shop is there...) and they went all out to display their Art all around it. Wow, they made it invitingly interesting. Local Restaurants had set up tables and the atmosphere was sparkling, fun and relaxed.

For months we have been seeing festively painted wine barrels all over the area. Those fabulous Artists had created them. When you drive past one, it always puts a happy smile on your face.

For Bob and I the most amazing thing was that one of the Artists, Cathy, is actually from South-Africa but has lived in Austria for yonks ! She took us to a table with all her family and suddenly we were this English speaking oasis on the square. As she had family out on holiday the table was delightfully fun and interesting.

What struck me, is that just about everyone who has moved here to our part of Burgenland, loves it as much as we do and would not even leave it to go on holiday somewhere else ! Burgenland is fantastic and the place to be...


Looking onto the Square

Aren't those colours nice ?

Reminds me of Tigger. She would look good dangling over this chair !