Thursday, 5 July 2012

Time warp.

Midmorning Danish!

The kids had to both go to the doctor this morning and because their Granny is here, she went along. Bob was driving and Brett was psyching himself for the " treat " of taking them for injections.

So Harry and I stayed at home, watching TV. Quite funny trying to understand it in danish ( But Brett is lucky, as most english language shows only have subtitles ). So while flipping through the channels we stumbled upon " Dallas ". Watching it took both of us back in time. Some characters we remembered by name and others were strange. But we both wondered what had us glued to the TV each Tuesday evening? And those hairstyles ? Did we really wear those ( and horror of horror, are we still wearing them ?)

Well today is our last day here with Brett, Signe, Di, Harry and the kids. Time always gallops when it's nice. As sad as our " Goodbyes " will be tomorrow, it will be better knowing that Di and Harry have now got a holiday with Brett and family. Airports are never fun when " adieu " are involved!

We are taking a different route home. Bob has printed out the directions and I will mainly be navigating. Let's hope we don't bicker to much about roads not taken...