Saturday, 7 July 2012

Different Techniques

Grilling the Danish way

Last Tuesday, Brett organized the Grill-Evening for us to meet all his friends. It was such fun to meet everyone. But the most amazing thing happened during the evening.

I had just finished making a salad and went outside to mingle with the crowd, when I happened to glance at Brett standing in front of his Weber-grill. At first I thought he was doing a skit of some sort ( Brett is the eternal joker ), but when I looked again he studiously carried on!

What was so eye-catching? Well, I am used to the rugged, manly and slightly Neanderthal-like way of Grilling. South-African men really have perfected the art of Grilling in the outdoors. I imagine that they can cook a steak and sausage with just a few sticks and two stones....! So imagine my reaction, when I saw Brett wielding his Grilling pitchfork with hands that were encased in a long pair of " Mittens ".

Is that how it happens in Denmark? Well, I must say, that Brett is a good sport, because he got a real " grilling " from me about this. His explanation of how the Mitten protects his hands makes sense, but I still prefer the way that Bob does it!

It just dawned on me why all of Brett's friends did not make fun of his " Mittens ". They most likely each have a pair!!!


The Mitten King

My Bob..