Friday, 25 May 2012

The local Carpenter.

Well more like cutting the Plank.

Restoring a house is a never-ending process. We love and live in our house, but the fine details are still to be done and those are usually the ones that take the most effort !

My parents-in-law are arriving soon to see us and we both can't wait. But we are also so relieved that my father-in-law is a Genius in matters of Building....

So in order to be a bit prepared we went to have the skirting boards cut out of leftover planks. Both of us are complete novices when it comes to woodwork and anything to do with workshop.

My mum organized a local craftsman to help us. The idea was that he would set the machines and that Bob and I would run the Planks through. But he took one look at us and took over his machines again ! Is it so obvious ?

Anyway, the work got done even with our help. But what I wanted to convey is how great it was to be in his workshop. It is an old converted Barn, with still original wooden floors. As soon as I walked in, I had a sense of peace. The smell of the cut wood evoked a feeling of contentment.

I know, this is strange...but true.

I realize now why men like to spend time in their workshops'. They get a feeling of peace and contentment that sometimes we take away with all our nagging....

The dust particles were flying in the air, that's why it is so unclear..

Johannes was so helpful and kind to us, I have to show his van.