Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mother's Day times Three

Isn't it great to have such a big family

Some of you know, some don't. I have a Mum, a Step-mum and a Mum-in-law. The nice thing is that I love and get on fabulously with all three.

As I have not lived on the same continent as my Mum for the last 18 years, this is the first Mothersday in a long time that we are spending together. Yeah! This whole move to Austria was mainly to be closer to my parents.

So today my parents are coming over for Breakfast. It will be so nice. I already picked fresh flowers from the garden, and they look good on the table. (Bob is helping me tidy & know mums see everything)

Being there is really what this day is all about and to appreciate Mothers.

Now I have to get going to get fresh bread and finish the last detail. Pictures will follow a bit later, once the guest of honour has arrived...