Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Coffee Maker

I was part of the team.

As we were waiting outside for the Spring Concert - Albert wanted to get a good seat so we were one hour early - I saw Renate who was part of the " worker " crew. So I asked her if they needed help of any sorts and she was back within a nanosecond telling me that my help was needed. I was to man the Coffee Machine.

Anyway, the concert was first and afterwards we set up the food & drinks etc.

My workstation seemed very daunting to me. It looked like a professional coffee apparatus that comes with instruction manuals. But I must look intelligent, because they just told me hastily to press a button and to make sure the water did not run out ! Ok, I thought lets get this ball rolling. In anticipation to the onslaught of coffee drinkers, I did a practice run for myself and it was surprisingly simple.

After inactivity around my station, it dawned on me why I got this job. There was free Wine. Need I say more ?

The odd person came and asked for a cup from me, and I made it look as if I had always done this. A few of the locals also came to say Hi. One nice man, Peter ( in his mid-fifties ) chatted to me while he drank his coffee and it was great to meet a new person .

Bob, in the meantime had gone to mingle in the distance and every now and then came to see how I was doing and tell me that I had been stuck with a " dull " job !

So in glee I told him how many people I was meeting and how Peter had stayed and chatted with me. Of course I described him as this dishy, fortyish, local with a " six " pack to boot !

Needless to say, Bob mingled very close to my station from then on.

Every now and then it is good to use a wily trick...