Monday, 1 October 2012

How Do You Deal With Your Information Overload ?

your awareness of news and information is 24 hours a day.

Let's face it, most of us like the News. We either get it the old fashioned way, such as listening to our wireless radio, watching our Television or the new way, by being connected via the Internet. Wherever we are, the News is there.

As small as my Village is, our connectivity to the world is as strong as if we were living in any Metropolis. Any remote spot in the world is most likely connected. On the one hand it is great for business and earning a living, but we need to learn to tune out at times and ( excuse the pun ) switch off.

Somehow, News is never really news anymore, because we have heard it, read it or seen it already. Before the Internet, a time when we still used letters or the telephone ( land line ) to keep up with family or friends, exciting occurrences were shared the " bush-telegraph " person tells the next !

Anyone under the age of twenty today, possibly cannot imagine how we coped. For them, being aware of what is going on in all of the world, every second of the day, is a given. The new Norm. But at what cost ?

How do we cope with constantly being able to see the world's problems and absorbing it into our lives ? Personally I think that it is an overload of information, emotions and knowledge for us. Our mind is constantly full of sometimes irrelevant ( to us ) information. In a way, we are so concerned with the world, that we forget about our own self.

Being in the moment is so important. A lot of people are searching for this peaceful " moment " time. Just thinking of right now, not yesterday nor tomorrow. To feel calm and happy.

In our new way of living, we have almost forgotten the little things that give us such pleasure and thus calmness. When did you last make your own jam, if ever ? Or build a model airplane ? Or knitted a scarf ? There are so many things we can start to do, that will give us some time out from our modern busy lifestyle. Try one...