Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Presidential Debate.

Shouldn't they just call it a pugilistic event, and be done with it ?

Even living here in our small Village in Burgenland, you can't escape the build up to this year's Presidential Debates. Every TV channel gives advice and comments. I watch a lot of CNN
( we only have BBC or CNN in English ) and at times they really go a bit overboard with their analysis, potential pitfalls and predictions. Each step gets dissected into minute details.

Here is what I think. For starters, the mystique has been taken away. Now there is a discussion about and with the debate coach ! Surely those things should stay private ? The fact that I now know that there is a coach involved, has deflated the bubble for me. Sure, I realize that they will be practicing ad nauseaum, but did you have to tell us and remind us, that it won't be off the cuff ?

Media, commentators and the public from both sides of the political spectrum, are expecting the opponent of their Favorite to be " knocked out ". Yes, it would only be in the verbal sense, but if you have been following the whole Presidential race, you kind of get the feeling, that some want to see a real fight ! The pressure both candidates have been under is immense, and each side wants the other side to go down in flames. Unfortunately old-fashioned courtesy and civility have been somewhat replaced by a mentality of " win at all costs ".

Maybe an old-fashioned duel should be had ? Or what about a real pugilistic fight. Put both candidates into those silky shorts and uncomfortable looking gloves, and give them a referee
( hopefully they are not on strike ). The bout could even be staged in Las Vegas, with all the glitz and glamour.

At this stage of the presidential race, a few voters surely have information overload and thus have switched off. Having a boxing-ring match, would make it easier. Who has the best physique, who the most stamina and in the end, who stays the distance...