Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Universe Provides.

In surprising ways.

Moving to our new home also meant starting from scratch again. Exciting yet often also nail biting stuff. As is done in millions of households the world over, we also have our survival worries.

There is a sort of intrinsic belief in me, that things are always going to work out fine. It is a great feeling to have, yet modern life and its ideas kind of make this feeling outdated and silly. But is it really ? You know how calming it is to know that there is always a universal safety-net under you ? It helps you make decisions easier and not to be scared of failure.

Our Village is a very small one, yet it has a lot of young children. The life here is idyllic for them and all those adventures we only read about in " The Famous Five " ( Famous Five Mysteries Collection~Enid Blyton [Hardcover] ), are things these kids can do on a daily basis, if they want. Building forts, climbing trees and just walking over to your best friends house, are everyday occurrences here.

Bob and I of course are English speaking and we now have the opportunity to do " native English " conversation classes. From the Kindergarten kids to the pre-teens. I tell you, what a privilege. We get to speak English and earn an income.

We did a introductory class yesterday. So many kids took part and the most fascinating thing for me was, how eager they all are. Not a cross or angry child in sight. Even the shy ones were trying to listen and speak English. Granted, we did mainly ice-breaking stuff, but it was fun.

I see this as a wonderful opportunity to meet everyone, spend time with the kids, talking ( English ) the hind leg of a donkey and reliving my youth. Doing Nursery Rhymes, painting pictures, reading fables, having ordinary conversations or watching Disney Cartoons.

When I said thank you to the lady who organized it, she floored me. She turned to me and told me, that we are an asset to the community and that she is very grateful that we offer these conversation classes.
The universe provides perfectly. The coin always has two sides. Win win.