Tuesday, 30 October 2012

To All The Heroes.

The two faces of Nature

It is just awful what Nature is doing over on the east coast of America. Watching it yesterday, I was still hoping that it would lose some of its intensity and strength, but alas it is even more destructive.

All night I have been watching the coverage on CNN and reading about it on Huffington Post . Of course there is no comparison between watching it unfold on T.V. and living through it. Personally I think the reporters are and where brave standing there in the road, while sea water is flooding up to their thighs. Do they not worry about sharks ?

Often when, lets say Police, pull you over for speeding or just to check if you have been drinking, they get called bad names and thought of in a not so nice way. But you know, what about now. Who actually stays behind to help you ?

When everyone else is leaving for safety, Police, Firefighters and Rescue personnel stay behind to do whatever is necessary. From wading through torrents to help the stranded to putting out dangerous electrical fires and everything in between.

What amazing people. Tirelessly doing their job of saving lives. These guys also have family, yet they are out there helping strangers. Some of the deeds they are performing in these few days are definitely above and beyond their duties. But they do it without hesitation or question. There is only one word for them...Heroes.

This terrible storm will still cause lots of destruction and loss for many. Yet in its own way, it has forged people closer together. Neighbours helping each other out. Strangers lending a helping hand.