Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Neighbour's Chickens...Best Source Of Entertainment !

Chickens seem to be more clever than we thought.

At about six yesterday, I went outside to lock our gate, and started to settle into the evening
( lounge pants and sweats etc. ). I was just about to sit down and watch TV, when walking passed the window I saw a lone chicken meandering inside our yard. It was one of the lovely brownish colored ones.

As I watched it, another one suddenly appeared behind her and the young Cockerel, lets call him Lothario, was making up the rear. Unbelievably they had been hanging out behind our shed. Looking at them, they actually had a slight naughty semblance. Could it have something to do with being in our yard or possible activities behind our shed ? Their chicken-age must surely be the equivalent of a Teenager ?

When they were a few feet from the closed gate, they stopped and just stood there. Lothario posed nonchalantly on one foot with a smug, yet expectant look on his face. Yes I wonder what he had been up to !?. The chickens actually looked around, as if they were wondering, when we would open the gate. Cheeky so and so's...!

It was raining and I was luckily in my " sleep attire " , so I asked Bob to open the gate. Off he went, mumbling something about 'stupid chickens' ( Yet I know, that secretly he likes looking after them, including running and fetching for them ).

As Bob went out our door, I thought that the chickens would scatter in all directions. But no, they just stood politely until they saw a gap in the gate, and then they all waddled out in single file. Of course " Let's go, Let's go " and " Go straight home " could be heard from Bob. Amazingly they listened.

They high-tailed it across the road so quickly, that Bob could hardly keep up with them. When they were herded into their yard, Bob fastened their gate and said something to them. I was to far away to hear it, but I just saw all three make a dash ( I was doubling over with laughter by that stage ) across their yard, as if their life depended on it !


Photo taken on the run... culprit is a bit blurry.