Sunday, 21 October 2012

Modern Fairy Tales

Interspersed in real life.

Where ever you look these days, there is a barrage of news that is not so pleasant. For some reason, since the Banking Crash in 2008, the world is not as we know it. Stuff that should make us sit up and say stop-no more, has almost morphed into our a new reality. One we mistakenly take for granted. Just take the war in the Middle East. We see daily reports of multiple deaths, yet it doesn't get resolved.

Among this carnage of reality, was a rather long segment of another Royal Wedding. It surprised me, how much coverage it got, but then when I took some time to ponder this, it made sense. Royal Weddings and anything to do with Royals, is what we want to see again. Well at least I like it.

When I see anything Royal, be it Katherine & William , Charlene & Albert or this latest Belgium one, it reminds me of the Fairy Tales I read as a child. Seeing these resplendent affairs, takes me back to a time, when I felt safe, always cared and protected from the realities of life, with the future golden and laden with wonderful opportunities and endless possibilities. Just the kind of feeling, that is so important to have or feel, to bypass some of the problems we face. Once we think and feel positively, the problems are easier to solve.

There must be hordes of people who maybe feel the same because why else would it be so newsworthy ? It could almost be our escapism from this rather difficult time in our lives. If the number of Royal Fans gets counted somewhere, it would be interesting to know if it has increased.

Surely though, reading anything about Royalty has become fashionable again. Be it fiction or non-fiction. There are some old-fashioned royal-genre books that I loved to read as a teenager but have started to read them again ! First-class escapism..( I will put a link at the bottom )

Royals are not so prevalent anymore ( I am talking about the real thing and not the Cinematic Royalty ) and they should actually be cherished and protected. In their own way, they give us the feeling, that life will be fine. Even more so, I think, than any Government or Political Party. In our modern times, that is invaluable.