Monday, 15 October 2012

Communications Technology...Wow !

How did I ever manage life without it ?

Even living in this wonderful yet small piece of paradise here in Burgenland, with this new way of life, I am connected and actually nothing passes me by.

For starters, is this fabulous little invention called ' Broadband '. Whoever thought of it, or rather, invented it, deserves all the riches in the world. Did you ever think that all you need is a computer and an internet connection, to stay abreast of your far-flung family, or anything that you can think of ?

Our family is present on three continents. Yet, with Skype, it seems that they are really just next door. You see them, you hear them and you talk to them. Even though it is more holographic, it seems real and that's what counts.

Sundays are great, because our family takes the time to Skype. My parents from America, usually Skype late afternoon. As parents, they have been supportive in reading my blog from the start ( in the beginning out of parental obligation, yet now they are reading it to be involved in the stuff that happens in my life ).

Well, that is the one downside of this new communications technology. Nothing is a surprise anymore. News is hardly news anymore. When talking to my Dad, I forget that he reads my blog and thus is usually a step ahead of me. My stories are not ' current ' anymore.
I do have to admit, that it warms my heart, to have all my family part of my life. In the ups and downs as well.

Ten years ago, telling your trials and tribulations would involve typing an email or picking up the phone ( old-fashioned land line of course ). Which quite frankly, I did not do so much. Skype is much easier.

Of course, with the iPad, communications just got that much better. You can Face-Time from anywhere now. The major downside to the Apple Face-Time is the is so crystal clear, that you almost have heart-failure, when you see how old your really are. Every wrinkle is unfortunately clearly on show ! Even though, it is worth it...