Friday, 26 October 2012

What Does This Say About Our Mental Health ?

Forgetting things once maybe, but twice in a row ?

We all have our own particular traits that can almost be termed ritual. At least, I tend to do and think of things in a particular order. It of course does not appear so to an onlooker.

A while ago, we forgot to put out our rubbish bin. Now bear in mind, that here most of the rubbish gets recycled already in the homes and this particular rubbish bin was the " all the stuff that can't be recycled " one. I am sure that right now your mind is picturing the rotten things that could be in there...and you are not wrong !

Just to add a bit of colour to your mental picture, this bin only gets collected every six weeks. So it can be rather problematic, not to mention stinky if you forget to put it out on collection day. We had a lucky save the last time, purely because Bob is a good sprinter ( even with the bin in tow ).

Ever since then we both tend to vigilantly watch the neighbours. They put the bins on the road the night before and it is one of the best methods for us to remember. That is if we do it then and there. But no, I thought that we could put it out in the morning when I go for my walk.

They say that the best laid plans get unhinged by a little thing. In our case it was a cold and rainy morning. One not made for walking but rather for being under the covers reading a book. Literally on the last page, I heard two distinct sounds.

The loud stop and start of the rubbish truck ( with the clanking noise of the bin being empties in the back ) and of Bob running from the lounge to the front door while shouting " oh no, not again ". Both of us could have had starring roles in a comedy. Laurel and Hardy ( Laurel & Hardy: The Essential Collection ) comes to mind. Unlocking the front door and putting on shoes seemed like it took forever. You know how time slows down when you don't know what to do first...

Bob did the proper thing. He dashed to our front gate and pulled himself up and leaning over it he shouted as loudly as possible for them to wait. It was the funniest thing. He was leaning so far over that his " house " pants almost came off. I was laughing quite a bit at that stage and I just remembered in time that, I too was in revealing sleepwear !

Before I knew it, the big rubbish truck had reversed back to us, and the collection guy was smiling, no, laughing to himself... ( surely not at us ) ! At least from now on he should remember us and our forgetfulness because there is a likelihood that we will do it again in the future.

At least we give the people in our area a good laugh now and again !