Thursday, 18 October 2012

First Impresssions...

Needlessly Stressing.

Let's set the stage. Family are coming to visit for the first time. Yes, a bout of furious cleaning and fixing up ensues. We just had family to stay and they sadly left today.

For a week before they arrived, we were scrubbing, making window sills, mowing the lawn and even cleaning the windows on the day. First off, they only drove into our driveway late in the afternoon, thus making the light rather hazy. Hazy light is great, as you don't see the finer details of dust. In fact, I could have used a little bit less effort in my dusting ( For future reference, I must try and schedule first arrivals in the evenings with the more forgiving and romantic light ) !

We see our house everyday and know its flaws and points that need to be done up. What we always forget when we get visitors, is that they don't see all those things. They only get the overall impression...luckily a good one !

The second day of anyone staying, we forget about a stray towel on the bathroom floor, or a few dirty dishes in the sink. Somehow, those stressful first few impressions that we try to give, are a waste of time. No one is perfect or has the perfectly kept house. Guests actually relax more, if there is a bit of imperfection. Of course I still flit about the house, to straighten it up a little, but the hectic first day is definitely over.

Overall it is nice when we know that visitors are coming. It gives us a bit of a push to do a long overdue thing ( like the window sills ) but it can also be a bit hectic between spouses....My idea of what should be done, is mostly not Bob's idea of things to do...Luckily walls don't talk !

It was wonderful, fabulous and heartwarming to have had our family to stay those few days. Yet I know, that the next time they visit us, I most likely will do the whole stressing thing again.