Saturday, 6 October 2012

Harvesting The Grapes....Weinlese.

Hard but fun work in the vineyards.

When autumn approaches, it rings in the season of grape-picking. It is the most amazing thing. Our whole community, being mostly wine makers, becomes abuzz. Activity everywhere you look.

A lot depends on the weather, actually the picking should only be done when the sun is out ( the morning dew should have been kissed away by the sun ). The different varietals get picked at different times of their growing cycle, with the red ones being last. Well the renowned and superb tasting local " Blau-Fraenkisch " grapes were it !

This last week, driving around the vineyards, you could see harvesting in progress. But the very brave, wait as long as they can. I think that the longer the grape is on the vine, the better the wine. Of course you could get a nasty spell of freezing weather, which is NOT good for the grapes. Nail-biting stuff !

Bob and I helped with harvesting yesterday. It sounds fairly easy. Cutting the bunches off the vines, and putting them into buckets. It is easy the first few meters, but when you realize, that the vineyard line is a hundred meters long, an inkling sets in, about the hard work ahead. Backache, sticky fingers, sunburn and often scissor cuts go hand in hand with the harvesting. Yet it is a most hypnotic and soul-soothing job. Wonderful....

Obviously, there is so much more detailed work involved on Harvest Day, but I just gave you a snapshot of a step. For Bob and I, being here to help with the harvesting and just being a permanent part of our little community, is the " Bee's Knees ".

For those who have never seen some of the the wine-making / drinking process, you should try and do a holiday in a local Kellerstoeckl in our wonderful Wine Region, or a Wine Region close to where you live.


Already lost in my thoughts !

Bob is starting on his row.

The scissor and buckets distribution...

My personal favorite. Picking errant stalks out of the grape-mash. My hands are smooth yet tinged with a hint of blue !